馃帲 Pesca a mosca sin secretos Galicia Junio 2020 馃悷

Una entretenida tarde de pesca a mosca en el sur de Galicia. Truchas r谩pidas y listas.

Ten茅is m谩s videos聽aqu铆, con montajes y trucos o en nuestro canal de聽Youtube.

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  1. Andreajuche dice:

    Perdemos peso al instante

  2. Emmajuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca

  3. Faithjuche dice:

    Polla enorme de forma anonima

  4. Anajuche dice:

    Pesca con ninfa

  5. Brandijuche dice:

    enorme de forma anonima

  6. Christinajuche dice:

    Bajar de peso ahora es facil

  7. Beryljuche dice:

    Belleza de la naturaleza

  8. Hannahjuche dice:

    pesca con perdigon

  9. Denisejuche dice:


  10. Beverlyjuche dice:

    Limpiemos el cuerpo

  11. Hayleyjuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  12. Bonniejuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  13. Amyjuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  14. Gloriajuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  15. Cathyjuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  16. Annajuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  17. Danajuche dice:

    Limpiemos el cuerpo

  18. Audreyjuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  19. Amberjuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  20. 小hrisjuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  21. Hannahjuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  22. Candicejuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  23. Alicejuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  24. Etheljuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  25. Cindyjuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  26. Hayleyjuche dice:

    Derrotamos las varices

  27. Berthajuche dice:

    Bajar de peso en una semana es facil

  28. Gracejuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  29. Dorisjuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  30. Brendajuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  31. Charlottejuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  32. Fionajuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  33. Beryljuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  34. Denisejuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  35. Carmenjuche dice:

    Pesca a mosca. pesca con perdig贸n. pesca al hilo. cola de rata.

  36. Fionajuche dice:

    Bajar de peso ahora es facil – https://bit.ly/3B1FQvm

  37. Ginajuche dice:

    Artritis derrotada por el oceano – https://bit.ly/3kh6jP3

  38. Christinejuche dice:

    Las truchas sanaran solas con mosca

  39. Deborahjuche dice:

    ahora es facil Flypesca

  40. Belindajuche dice:

    La titis es cosa del pasado, solo pesca a mosca

  41. Brandijuche dice:

    Art derrotada por el oceano

  42. Hayleyjuche dice:

    Pesca con mosca

  43. Evelynjuche dice:

    Bajar de peso en una semana es facil

  44. Andreajuche dice:

    Flyfishing pesca a mosca

  45. Carmenjuche dice:

    El h0ngo se desp1de de ti

  46. Dawnjuche dice:

    El hong0 se despid3 de ti

  47. Alexandrajuche dice:

    Belleza de la naturaleza

  48. Dorothyjuche dice:


  49. Debbiejuche dice:

    Belleza de la naturaleza

  50. Christinejuche dice:

    Sedanrte de canagmo

  51. Brendajuche dice:

    Las truchas comen mosca

  52. Hayleyjuche dice:

    Limpiemos el r铆o- pesca a mosca

  53. Ashleyjuche dice:

    Elimina residuos del r铆o y solo pesca a mosca sin muerte.

  54. Hollyjuche dice:

    Y de salmones cuando ??

  55. Debbiejuche dice:

    Las Truchas sanaran solas

  56. Anniejuche dice:

    En la pesca con ninfa y streamers se utiliza un lastre (generalmente plomo o boya) para dar peso a las moscas y lograr profundidad al momento de pescar.

  57. Charlottejuche dice:

    Pesca con Ninfa: Se imita con el se帽uelo las larvas de las moscas en su periodo de vida acu谩tico. La ninfa se fabrica m谩s gruesa, con pocos pelos o plumas. Las tres ninfas b谩sicas son: Zug Bug, Hare’s Ear (Oreja de Liebre) y pheasant tail.

  58. Amberjuche dice:

    Pesca con Mosca Seca: Se trata que el se帽uelo flote sobre el agua tal como lo hacen los insectos. Para ello se emplean pelos y plumas que ayudan a la flotabilidad. Las tres moscas secas m谩s populares son la Royal Wulff, Elk Hair Caddis y Adams.

  59. Dianajuche dice:

    En Espa帽a, la primera referencia sobre el arte del montaje de moscas artificiales es el Manuscrito de Astorga,2鈥3鈥 publicado en 1624 por Juan de Bergara. En 茅l, se definen los diferentes tipos de plumas y c贸mo montar 33 modelos distintos de moscas.

  60. Caroljuche dice:

    Es sabido que a principios del siglo XIII, textos alemanes mencionan la pesca de la trucha y de graylings usando un gancho emplumado. Otros textos desde 1360 identifican a la pesca con mosca como el m茅todo elegido por la gente del pueblo, a lo largo de una extensa 谩rea que abarcaba desde las llanuras suizas hasta lo que fue Siria.

  61. Jennajuche dice:

    Las primeras menciones de la pesca con mosca, citadas en antiguos escritos orientales, se remontan al parecer a 2000 a帽os A.C., durante el periodo de la dinast铆a Shang, en donde se menciona el uso de moscas artificiales para capturar peces.

  62. Evajuche dice:

    It was the development of inexpensive fiberglass rods, synthetic fly lines, and monofilament leaders, however, in the early 1950s, that revived the popularity of fly fishing. In recent years, interest in fly fishing has surged as baby boomers have discovered the sport. Movies such as Robert Redford’s film A River Runs Through It, cable fishing shows, and the emergence of a competitive fly casting circuit have added to the sport’s visibility.

  63. Elizabethjuche dice:

    Fly fishing in Australia took off when brown trout were first introduced by the efforts of Edward Wilson’s Acclimatisation Society of Victoria with the aim to 芦provide for manly sport which will lead Australian youth to seek recreation on the river’s bank and mountainside rather than in the Cafe and Casino.[28] 禄 The first successful transfer of Brown Trout ova (from the Itchen and Wye) was accomplished by James Arndell Youl, with a consignment aboard The Norfolk in 1864. Rainbow Trout were not introduced until 1894.

  64. Hayleyjuche dice:

    In the United States, attitudes toward methods of fly fishing were not nearly as rigidly defined, and both dry- and wet-fly fishing were soon adapted to the conditions of the country. Fly anglers there are thought to be the first anglers to have used artificial lures for bass fishing. After pressing into service the fly patterns and tackle designed for trout and salmon to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass, they began to adapt these patterns into specific bass flies. Fly anglers seeking bass developed the spinner/fly lure and bass popper fly, which are still used today.[27]

  65. Helenajuche dice:

    However, there was nothing to prevent the successful employment of wet flies on these chalk streams, as G. E. M. Skues proved with his nymph and wet fly techniques. To the horror of dry-fly purists, Skues later wrote two books, Minor Tactics of the Chalk Stream, and The Way of a Trout with a Fly, which greatly influenced the development of wet fly fishing. In northern England and Scotland, many anglers also favored wet-fly fishing, where the technique was more popular and widely practiced than in southern England. One of Scotland’s leading proponents of the wet fly in the early-to-mid 19th century was W.C. Stewart, who published 芦The Practical Angler禄 in 1857.

  66. Bonniejuche dice:

    By the mid to late 19th century, expanding leisure opportunities for the middle and lower classes began to have its effect on fly fishing, which steadily grew in mass appeal. The expansion of the railway network in Britain allowed the less affluent for the first time to take weekend trips to the seaside or to rivers for fishing. Richer hobbyists ventured further abroad.[24] The large rivers of Norway replete with large stocks of salmon began to attract fishermen from England in large numbers in the middle of the century – Jones’s guide to Norway, and salmon-fisher’s pocket companion, published in 1848, was written by Frederic Tolfrey and was a popular guide to the country.[24]

  67. Conniejuche dice:

    Tackle design began to improve from the 1880s. The introduction of new woods to the manufacture of fly rods made it possible to cast flies into the wind on silk lines, instead of horse hair. These lines allowed for a much greater casting distance. However, these early fly lines proved troublesome as they had to be coated with various dressings to make them float and needed to be taken off the reel and dried every four hours or so to prevent them from becoming waterlogged. Another negative consequence was that it became easy for the much longer line to get into a tangle 鈥 this was called a ‘tangle’ in Britain, and a ‘backlash’ in the US. This problem spurred the invention of the regulator to evenly spool the line out and prevent tangling.[21]

  68. Hollyjuche dice:

    Modern reel design had begun in England during the latter part of the 18th century, and the predominant model in use was known as the ‘Nottingham reel’. The reel was a wide drum which spooled out freely, and was ideal for allowing the bait to drift a long way out with the current. Geared multiplying reels never successfully caught on in Britain, but had more success in the United States, where similar models were modified by George Snyder of Kentucky into his bait-casting reel, the first American-made design, in 1810.[20]

  69. Erikajuche dice:

    He combined his knowledge of fly fishing with his skill as an engraver and printer, to lavish his work with 20 color plates. It was the first comprehensive work related to the entomology associated with fly fishing and most fly-fishing historians credit Ronalds with setting a literature standard in 1836 that is still followed today.[16] Describing methods, techniques and, most importantly, artificial flies, in a meaningful way for the angler and illustrating them in colour is a method of presentation that can be seen in most fly-fishing literature today.

  70. Belindajuche dice:

    British fly-fishing continued to develop in the 19th Century, with the emergence of fly fishing clubs, along with the appearance of several books on the subject of fly tying and fly fishing techniques.

  71. Conniejuche dice:

    The impact of the Industrial Revolution was first felt in the manufacture of fly lines. Instead of anglers twisting their own lines – a laborious and time-consuming process – the new textile spinning machines allowed for a variety of tapered lines to be easily manufactured and marketed.

  72. 小hrisjuche dice:

    Some have credited Onesimus with the invention of the multiplying winch, although he was certainly the first to advertise its sale. Early multiplying reels were wide and had a small diameter, and their gears, made of brass, often wore down after extensive use. His earliest advertisement in the form of a trading card date from 1768 and was entitled To all lovers of angling. A full list of the tackles he sold included artificial flies, and ‘the best sort of multiplying brass winches both stop and plain’. The commercialization of the industry came at a time of expanded interest in fishing as a recreational hobby for members of the aristocracy.[14]

  73. Alicevew dice:

    Walton did not profess to be an expert with a fishing fly; the fly fishing in his first edition was contributed by Thomas Barker, a retired cook and humorist, who produced a treatise of his own in 1659; but in the use of the live worm, the grasshopper and the frog 芦Piscator禄 himself could speak as a master. The famous passage about the frog, often misquoted as being about the worm鈥斅籾se him as though you loved him, that is, harm him as little as you may possibly, that he may live the longer禄鈥攁ppears in the original edition. Cotton’s additions completed the instruction in fly fishing and advised on the making of artificial flies where he listed sixty five varieties.

  74. Angelavew dice:

    The Compleat Angler was written by Izaak Walton in 1653 (although Walton continued to add to it for a quarter of a century) and described the fishing in the Derbyshire Wye. It was a celebration of the art and spirit of fishing in prose and verse; 6 verses were quoted from John Dennys’s earlier work. A second part to the book was added by Walton’s friend Charles Cotton.[11]

  75. Alicevew dice:

    he art of fly fishing took a great leap forward after the English Civil War, where a newly found interest in the activity left its mark on the many books and treatises that were written on the subject at the time. The renowned officer in the Parliamentary army, Robert Venables, published in 1662 The Experienced Angler, or Angling improved, being a general discourse of angling, imparting many of the aptest ways and choicest experiments for the taking of most sorts of fish in pond or river. Another Civil War veteran to enthusiastically take up fishing was Richard Franck. He was the first to describe salmon fishing in Scotland, and both in that and trout-fishing with artificial fly he was a practical angler. He was the first angler to name the burbot, and commended the salmon of the River Thames.[11]

  76. Tenkara dice:

    The last word, somewhat indistinct in the original, is either 芦mosco禄 (moss) or 芦musca禄 (fly) but catching fish with fraudulent moss seems unlikely.[4][citation needed]

    The traditional Japanese method of fly-fishing is known as 芦Tenkara禄 (Japanese: 銉嗐兂銈儵, literally: 芦from heaven禄).[

  77. Annettejuche dice:

    A great new die-cast reel design with a stealthy matte-gray powder-coat finish, the Clearwater Large Arbor is still the best performance-to-value reel in the industry. With a powerful inline, Carbon庐-to-stainless, stacked disc drag that can hold its own with high-performance machined reels, the new Clearwater Large Arbor is easily converted to either left- or right-hand retrieve and has a positive click drag knob for consistent settings every time. Whether you’re looking for your first large arbor or want a spare reel or two in the bag, this modern and updated Clearwater Large Arbor can handle anything a machined reel can and looks awesome doing it. In gray.


    Size II (4-6 wt.), Size IV (7-9 wt.).

  78. Ellajuche dice:

    The Mirage is a technologically superior fly-fishing reel conceived and designed from the ground up and built in New England by American craftsmen to battle angry fish and laugh in the face of corrosive saltwater environments. It features a sealed and maintenance-free carbon and stainless steel disc drag system with an aggressive knurled drag knob that goes from zero to full drag in a single drag knob rotation. Patent-pending ball and ramp drag mechanism provides a smooth turning drag that follows a non-linear curve as the drag knob is turned to give smoother adjustments in the fishing and fish-fighting range. The reel is a super large arbor for increased retrieve rates and reduction in line coil. Machined in the USA from strong, yet lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum barstock. Ergonomically designed machined aluminum handle. Quick release spool easily converts from left to right-hand retrieve. Military-spec type III hard coat anodizing. Titanium shaft adds strength without additional weight. Fully radiused reel foot prevents kinked leaders. Low-profile counterweight won’t catch fingers or fly lines.

  79. Janetjuche dice:

    The new Orvis Hydros Reel is the result of our own desire to make something great, that much better. We took a best-selling reel and removed unnecessary material to further reduce the weight while stiffening the narrow spool, which minimizes line stacking. We changed the drag knob to be more ergonomically accessible and comfortable to use. We further refined the seal on the sealed drag to protect the clutch bearing in the drag mechanism. We radiused the reel foot as on the Mirage for kink-free leader protection. The sealed drag with stacked carbon and stainless steel disc washers is still one of the strongest in the industry, with zero start-up inertia. Matte type II anodized finish, standard large arbor size which balances better with lighter-weight fly rod, and yet still offers excellent retrieval rates and less line coiling than standard arbor reels. Refinement and improvement are the hallmarks of quality. Matte black with silver accents, matte silver with charcoal accents.


  80. Beverlyjuche dice:

    Freshly redesigned, our Superfine Glass fly-fishing rod series is built with S-2 fiberglass for smooth, slow casting with the strength to get the job done. Black type III anodizing aluminum reel seat with wooden insert (2-5 wt.) or aluminum tube (6 and 8 wt.). Hard chrome guide and double-foot striping guide. Matte olive blank with quick rod identifier. Nylon-covered rod tube and cloth storage sack included.

    Made in USA.

  81. Dianajuche dice:

    Everything has changed except the value. The new Clearwater Rod Series is a complete overhaul from the ground up by our Vermont rod designers. Each rod is designed with a purpose-built profile and action to handle the fishing the rod would be traditionally used for, from medium-action small stream rods to medium-fast freshwater rods and fast-action big game rods. Designed in Vermont for anglers worldwide.

  82. Evajuche dice:

    We designed the Helios 3D fly rod to cast at impressive distances without sacrificing power鈥攁nd it hits the mark every time. We鈥檝e reduced the variables at the point of release to focus the energy behind every cast. Increased hoop strength means reduced vibration for a consistently crisp release, because we know accuracy is paramount. The H3D rod churns out precise casts that are the stuff of legend鈥攂ecause it鈥檚 the pinpoint delivery of flies that takes you from a quiet day on the water to battling predator fish ripping down the flats. Pushing through a gusty saltwater wind is no big deal鈥攖he Helios 3D has the power to get your fly there, and the accuracy to drop it right where you want it. Whatever the location, whatever the fish, the H3D is ready for it: Big rivers or saltwater, bonefish or bass鈥攖hose accurate drops earn more bends in the rod, it鈥檚 as simple as that. Get the most accurate fly rod in existence and land more fish on every trip.

  83. Jennajuche dice:

    The Hydros Superfine is engineered to be a quick loading presentation trout fly line for scenarios when stealth and subtlety are key. Smooth coated line presents flies delicately and loads rods easily in close. Great line for spring creeks, small watersheds, and tight fishing conditions. Low-impact colors for a stealthy approach. Dual welded loops for easy, seamless connection to backing and leader. Orvis Line ID for quick and easy identification. Braided multifilament core for cold to moderate water temps. Color change at 30′. Dark olive tip. Willow line.

    Made in USA.

    90′ total length. Line weights 1-5.

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